What are Things to Consider When Turn your Business Online?

Ecommerce is the only solution to reach your business globally to sell products across the entire world. Many of the online business owner know the importance of launching an web presence, but star…

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First Website Design Review

For my popped cherry on website design reviews I chose a topic close to my heart: cars. Better yet, affordable cars I could actually buy! Anyway, so here it is. My first love. My first crush. http://www.rentalcars.com

  • www.rentalcars.com-20160324-85cf3bb75c7ff23e225e01d8fde0e14a

Yeah that’s nice. That’s it. Look at that polished, sweet design.

Ok, so it isn’t quite exciting and flashy, but I think that’s what they were going for here. Overall first impressions is positive. I know exactly what I’m looking at. I know where to find the information I’m seeking out. It has great graphics. Lodi da.

  • Main features (e.g. search engine functionality, downloadable formats etc.)

Straight away, the features are everything the user could ever want. You have a language selector, My Account tab, a Search field with Pick Up and Drop Off date selection fields, a Related Searches field-Popular Cities, Popular Airports, Car Rental Companies. Finally, it also has a Subscribe Newsletter field! That all important subscription feature that, you know, mostly all websites should have these days. They have it. Rental Cars has got it. Clean, not cluttered, easily identifiable subscription section. Right next to it is a great iPhone and Android App download link to their app. The search engine works just fine, but my only gripe is that it lagged a little bit, but I’m assuming that’s because its uploading a refreshed listing of currently available rentals and their updated rates. For Cincinnati, I got a lot of results back for my search. So this is totally understandable. Besides that, I now know I can rent a car for $10 a day if I ever fly into Cincinnati. CRA!!

Overall, the functionality of the site works.

  • Content – including amount of content and credibility of resources and contributors

Frankly, it’s light on content. But where Rental Cars lacks in written content, it sure as hell makes it up in, well, content. You go to this website to search available rental cars thats light on the wallet. You want to search among various rental companies instead of one, and that’s where it shines. RentalCars.com has the Hertz, AVIS, Alamo, Enterprise, and Budget, among others.

  • Layout of the site including navigation and ease of use – the required skill level of the user

Required skill level? Pff. You can be drunk in a hotel room and manage to use this site without a hiccup. This website is brilliant that way. It may seem like a joke, but its true. If you were distracted, or busy, and you had to rent a car yourself on a business trip or a trip back home to see your relatives, this site makes it virtually impossible to get lost or messed up.

This website layout example works for what rentalcars.com uses it for, and looking at it, it’s pretty difficult to imagine them going with a different layout. Are there weak points? Sure. For one, the related searches are kinda the forgotten siblings that the family let drift off while everyone is taking selfies in front of Niagara Falls. They just seem unrelated to the layout, and almost sacrificed. But, besides the odd ball black sheep of the family, the layout is nice, easy to look at, and recommended for related businesses on the hunt for a new website.